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Brooke Walker-Knoblich © 2014 Kurt Edward Fishback

Brooke Walker-Knoblich is a classically trained artist. She learned to paint in Paris where she copied a masterpiece in the Louvre Museum. Brooke also studied at  the Florence Academy of Art in Italy to further her understanding of the Renaissance Masters.  In 2005 Brooke earned her BA in studio art from UCSD and has dedicated her life to oil painting ever since. She is a full-time, professional artist living in Portland, Oregon. 

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Portraits create a direct conduit to the heart. They connect us to our humanity through empathy and memory by honoring the people and animals we love most. Portraits  painted with pigment-rich oils glisten and move with the light. This makes Brooke's portrait paintings feel alive and full of spirit. They create a presence in a room. 

Individual Portraits

These paintings capture personality with a complex background scene that weaves a story. Whether it's curled up with a book or sitting at a favorite spot on the river, Brooke looks for a place that evokes a natural openness for her portraits.  A simple, tonal colored background is also effective in setting the mood for a portrait and is a cheaper alternative to painting a complex scene.


Family Portraits

Family portraits capture group dynamics in a candid and relaxed environment. Brooke  enjoys interacting with families and will use video and photos to arrange a painting composition that captures the best expressions of everyone in the family. This technique works particularly well with small children. 


Under $500

This tier includes single portraits 11 x 14" or smaller painted on cradled birch wood panels and sealed with a protective, gloss varnish. Additions of people, complex background scenes, including hands, clothing details, etc. increases the value of the painting. 

Paintings with spirit

Brooke's oil paintings are full of luminous color and impressionistic brushwork.   


Her contemporary realism style is rooted in a deep love for classical art. Brooke uses the atelier techniques she learned painting in Europe with  modern organic colors. 


Each painting is an original, one-of-a-kind heirloom quality piece of art. 


Brooke paints dozens of custom portraits annually and ships her artwork nationwide. 

From Photo to Painting


The Power of Portraits


Pet Portraits

Pet portrait paintings capture the unique personalities of animals. These paintings honor the creatures that bring so much joy to our lives. If you have a furry, feathered, or scaley friend, Brooke welcomes commissions of all creatures great and small.


1. Fill out the inquiry form at the top or bottom of this page and start collecting photos (if you have them). 


2. Respond to the email you receive from Brooke @ Portraitsbybrooke.com and attach your  photos.


3. Participate in exchange of ideas until size, price,

and image is agreed upon.


4. Sign contract and make 50% deposit to start work.


5. Receive photos and/or videos of painting in process

and make formal requests for changes as needed. 


6. Approve completed painting or exercise your Right

of Refusal. If approved, pay final 50% of painting fee.


7. Art can be picked-up in Portland, OR. or shipped.





Examples of Commissions

Infant Portraits

Capture the precious moments of childhood where the bonds of familial love are forged. Infant portrait paintings are available to welcome home a new baby, to honor a mother on mothers' day, or a birthday. Gift certificates can be created for baby showers.


In Memoriam

Honor the memory of someone who has passed with a painting that celebrates their life and spirit. Art helps in the grieving process and brings breauty, joy, and color to our daily lives. 

 The Commission Process

in 7 Easy Steps


Brooke believes people from all walks of life deserve original art. She offers a wide variety of commissions to accomodate most budgets.


Pricing Custom Art


Under $1000

This tier includes single portraits 18x24" or smaller painted on cradled birch wood panels and sealed with a protective, gloss varnish. Additions of people, complex background scenes, including hands, clothing details, etc. may be included in this budget range, but will be painted smaller than the 18x24" size. 


Under $2000

This tier includes double portraits 18x24" or smaller or single, complex portraits 24x30" ~16x20" painted on cradled birch wood panels and sealed with a protective, gloss varnish. Family/small groups may also be included in this budget range as a smaller painting. Price depends on complexity.


Oil Sketches 

This tier accomodates low budgets. These paintings are created on yupo paper and have a fresh, painterly quality. They do require framing before display, unlike the paintings created on cradled birch. Oil sketches start at $100 for 6 x 8."

Brooke Walker-Knoblich paints many different subjects, not just portraits. She's created custom artworks of flowers for Mother's Day and landscapes that are loaded with meaning. Brooke is open to your ideas and suggestions. No subject is too humble.

Customer Reviews

  About the Artist

" I commissioned a painting of my daughter with Brooke. She did a fantastic job and the painting hangs in a prominent spot so it's always in sight. Couldn't be happier. She was easy to get ahold of and very responsive to any questions."  

~William H. Los Angeles,  California

"Brooke painted our dog "Doc" who recently passed away. She listened as I poured out the details of his life and how much he meant to our family. She captured the details and personality in his eyes with her painting. Incredible attention to detail and amazingly beautiful work. We all cried when we opened the painting and will be forever grateful... Thank you Brooke!" 

~Angela  H. Sacramento,  California

"Brooke is amazing. She worked with me over the course of several months to create a unique landscape painting of our family farm (including a 4-hour road trip out to see the farm.) I surprised my wife with the painting and it will be a part of our family for generations."   

~Chuck B., San Francisco,  California

"I commissioned a painting by Brooke for something very sentimental to me. She went above and beyond, exceeding my expectations in every way. This is clearly not just a job but a passion and it shows every step of the way. I highly recommend Brooke. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. "  

~John H. Pasadena,  Maryland


"A historically great painter. Mark my words."  ~Terry T., Aurora,  Illinois

"Without a doubt one of the most talented and focused artists I have ever had the pleasure to meet... she has the ability to represent the spirit of the subject of her work and inspires people both vsually and with her beautiful presence to view the familiar with new eyes."

~Cassie H., Sacramento, California


"One of the most exciting young artists of our day! Brooke's realist and classic style is reminisent of the greats of the Renaissance of Europe. I love following her work. Truly captivating, raw, and inspiring. Bravo!" 

~Jessica H., Grass Valley,  California

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Portrait Connection

Brooke Walker-Knoblich paints portraits for the non-profit organization Portrait Connection, whose mission helps connect local artists with families of critically ill children and deliver the healing power of art through the gift of a portrait painting. 


Wedding & Anniversary

Wedding portrait paintings are a beautiful way to celebrate a marriage and honor an important anniversary.  These portraits celebrate romanic love and honor the commitment of two people. Wedding and anniversary portraits become family heirlooms.