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Portraits by Brooke



Painting in the Louvre Brooke Walker-Knoblich in Paris, France. 2003 .

Honoring Individuals

These paintings capture personality and character in an environment of your choosing. I encourage you to think of a place you feel the most yourself, whether it's curled up with a book, or exploring a riverbank in nature. My individual portrait paintings offer a candid alternative to the typical professional portrait.

Healing Portraits

Art brings beauty, color, and joy to people recovering from an illness. These portrait paintings lend strength and encouragement to loved ones as well. I am a contributing artist and advisor to the Portrait Connection non-profit, whose mission is to bring art into the lives of families with sick children. To learn more about this important program, please click here.


Family Portraits


My family portraits capture individual personalities and group dynamics in a candid and relaxed environment. I enjoy interacting with families and will take both video and still photos to capture the best expressions and then compose a single image as a painting reference. 

My oil paintings merge a love of classical realism with modern colors and impressionistic brushwork.


My formal painting education began in Paris, France, learning the realism techniques of the Old Masters. I furthered my classical training at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy and earned a BA in Studio Art at UCSD. I've studied for several years with contemporary, impressionistic painters and continue to challenge and develop my artistic vision and voice. I'm a full-time, profesional aritst and have created 50+ commissioned paintings for discerning collectors since 2006.


Life's Souvenirs


These paintings capture your most memorable life moments. Was it a vacation in Hawaii where you swam with a sea turtle? Perhaps you climbed a mountain or overcame a difficult challenge? Commissioning a painting of this special, personal moment gives you a daily reminder of what you have achieved and how grand this adventure we call life can be. 


Romantic Portraits


These paintings capture the spirit of romance and celebrate important events like engagements, weddings, anniversaries, or renewal of vows ceremonies. I can work from your favorite photos (or take new ones) to immortalize your love in paint. All orientations are welcome.

As a fine artist, painting portraits on commission has been the highlight of my career.  I've met (and painted) so many interesting people from all walks of life and am continually amazed by the powerful, emotional responses my collectors have to their personalized paintings. If you are considering ordering a custom oil painting, I'd love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below and I will respond promptly to begin talking about your project ideas.

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Portraits are my favorite subject to paint because they create a direct conduit to the heart. Portraits celebrate individuality and simultaneouly connect us to our shared humanity. When portraits are painted using pigment-rich oils, they glisten and move with the light. This gorgeous effect makes portrait paintings feel alive and full of spirit, something that can rarely be captured in a photograph. I take great care to make my original oil paintings archival heirlooms to be be passed down through the generations.


Pet Portraits


Pet portrait paintings capture the unique personalities of animals. These paintings honor a beloved pet and are often commissioned as gifts for the holidays, birthdays, mother's day, father's day or to simply honor our furry, feathery, scaley friends. Custom paintings of dogs, cats, birds, horses, reptiles, etc. are all welcome.


1. Fill out the inquiry form at the top of this page and start collecting photos (if you have them) as .jpgs


2. Respond to the email you receive from Brooke @ and attach your photos.


3. Participate in exchange of ideas until size, price,

and image is agreed upon.


4. Sign contract and make 50% deposit to start work.


5. Receive photos and/or videos of painting in process

and make formal requests for changes as needed. 


6. Approve completed painting or exercise your Right

of Refusal. If approved, pay final 50% of painting fee.


7. Art can be picked-up in Portland, OR. or shipped.






In Memoriam


These paintings honor the memories of those who have passed by giving those they left behind something they can see and cherish everyday. Art helps in the grieving process and can be commissioned for celebration of life ceremonies, funerals, or an anniversary.   

Infant Portraits


These portrait paintings capture the precious and tender moments of childhood where the bonds of familial love are forged. Infant portraits are often commissioned to welcome home a new baby, to be baby shower gifts, and/or to honor a mother on mothers' day. 

The Power of Portraits


Adding hands or more people to the painting increases its price by 30%



Before & After

Turning Photos into Paintings

Examples of Commissions

Pricing Custom Art


The cost of a commission generally depends on its complexity and size.




Creating a detailed background scene will also increase the cost of a commission, but this increase depends mostly on the size of the painting. 


  My Artistic Process

Making Custom Paintings

I believe people from all walks of life deserve to have original art. If my paintings speaks to you, I'll do my best to make your custom portrait painting a reality. If you need to make monthly payments or want to barter professional services/goods, I'm open to consider most offers.


Ordering an original artwork should be an exciting and joyful process, not a stressful one. Let me know what I can do to help you!

  My Philosophy

Everyone Deserves Art

Under ideal circumstances, I would paint the portrait from life. You'd come to my studio, we'd have a cup of tea, listen to classical music, and get to know eachother over the many hours it takes to complete a painting. This encounter between the artist and her subject, feeds the portrait. As my understanding of what makes you unique becomes clearer, the painting is infused with character and spontansous brushwork. When a live sitting isn't possible, I will work from photos instead. After many years studying naturalistic lighting and creation of three-dimensional form, I can now move paint beyond the limitations of a photograph in my pursuit of a realistic portrait that has a powerful presence.


A portrait/bust with a tonal colored background is the most simple commission. These range from $300 for 8x10" to $900 for a 16x20."



 The Commission Process

in 7 Easy Steps